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Competition Prep 101

Competition Prep 101

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I wish I had a place where I could ask questions before starting prep. It would have save me a lot of time & money. Join me and some pros for a morning filled with information on all things contest prep.
You want to compete but don’t know where to start, now what?

How to find a coach (figure,bikini, physique,fitness)
How much should a coach cost?
Proper Dieting
Should you use Supplements
Peak week
The importance of reverse dieting

What division should I choose?
What show should I choose?
Stage tips
Show day
Posing guidance (any organization)

Message Reginaperezfitness for questions
Limited spaces available



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This customized meal plan includes a macronutrient breakdown (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fats per meal) along with a table of approved foods. This allows you not only the flexibility in your meals but will also allow you to LEARN which foods work best for you. Additionally, you get recommended times when you should eat and workout to ensure that you are staying on track. Lastly, I would get more in-depth with foods you should eat based on blood type and customize it to your needs. If you have any dietary need those will be considered also. Each week we will check-in via photos and text discussing your week to week progress.

  • 30 Day Custom Meal Plan

  • Grocery List

All Training and Meal Plans offered through the Official RPF Training App (iOS and Android), RPF Training App preview below. Turn around time is 48 hours.