The Best Posing Tips for Competitors

The Best Posing Tips for Competitors

Whether you are taking a selfie, photoshoot or getting ready for the stage posing can be a workout in itself. It important to know your angles and present your best self. Right now, I'm want to focus on competition posing.

It does not always feel natural, but the key is to make posing on stage feel more natural to you. 

Here are my top 5 tips when it comes to your posing routine:

1. Be confident in your whole routine Smile whenever facing the judges

3. Know what poses will work best with your body type and muscle tone before stepping onstage

4. Follow rules and guidelines for what the judges will be looking for in your routine

5. Practice your routine until it becomes more natural to you 

There is a lot more that you can do to make your routine unique and fit you. Read my latest blog to perfect your routine.


Determine the Organization and Applying Posing Techniques

Every division and federation will have slightly different things they are looking for and judging your physique on. You want to know what the judges are looking for so you want to do some studying. Ultimately, your coach should be providing you with this information.

  1. What will you be judged on?
  2. What are the mandatory poses?
  3. How to be memorable?

Then it will be time to apply and PRACTICE!



Tips on How to Leave the Judges Wanting More with Presence & Posing Techniques

Remember Facial Expression 
If in doubt remember to smile

Body Movement on the Stage
It should feel almost natural on stage and always remember to breath. Always have your hands relaxed. Everything should flow seamlessly together.

Own the stage
You have worked hard to get here so now its time to take control.


Need help with your posing routine? 

My team offers 30 minute posing sessions for bikini, wellness, and figure.

Completely customized and individual to you so that you can shine and show your best physique when you step on stage. 

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